The Cause

Because every family deserves a safe home

Did you know? The median household income for a family in Puerto Rico is less than $20,000 making homeownership unattainable for low- or middle-income families. Trailer Bridge and ATS are partnering with Habitat for Humanity of Puerto Rico whose mission is to provide affordable and safe housing opportunities for these individuals and families. Through construction, rehabilitation and home repair projects Habitat for Humanity of Puerto Rico contributes to the revitalization of communities in Puerto Rico.

Revitalizing Puerto Rico together

Trailer Bridge, Inc. and ATS International partnered with Habitat for Humanity of Puerto Rico to begin a rehabilitation project in the municipality of Guayama, Puerto Rico. The project is an extension of our ongoing partnership with the nonprofit to help local families through home ownership opportunities, supporting generational prosperity on the island.

Volunteers from both Trailer Bridge and ATS spent the day working alongside Habitat Puerto Rico staff and three families to complete various tasks including cleaning of the interior of the home, exterior work on the landscape as well as the demolition of a cement structure. Once complete, the property will be presented to a selected family, in 2022.

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